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Apartments - Attic

Living area43 m²
Number of rooms2
Rent exclusive of heating450 €
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Apartments - Apartment

Living area130 m²
Number of rooms3
Number of parking spaces2
Purchase price475.000 €
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House - Apartment building

Living area265 m²
plot surface667 m²
Number of rooms11
Number of parking spaces4
Purchase price349.000 €
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Site - Residential

plot surface1.519 m²
Purchase price279.000 €
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House - Bungalow

Living area110 m²
plot surface5.151 m²
Number of rooms4
Number of parking spaces30
Purchase price470.000 €
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Site - Commercial

plot surface5.151 m²
Purchase price470.000 €
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House - Villa

Living area600 m²
plot surface5.200 m²
Number of rooms10
Number of parking spaces6
Purchase price2.550.000 €
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Offices - Office space

Office space211 m²
Rent exclusive of heating1.690 €
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Offices - Bureau floor

Office space166 m²
Number of parking spaces3
Rent exclusive of heating1.499 €